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  • Joey roosting on a 750 Champion Yamaha width:1024;;height:781
  • Joey going big over Ascot TT jump on his 750 Champion Yamaha width:1024;;height:789
  • Joey breaking in that new K70 front tire at Ascot day race width:1024;;height:779
  • Joey 115y when men were men. No gloves at Ascot 250 Jawa Twin pipe width:1024;;height:807
  • Joe C. and Riding buddies width:1024;;height:711
  • Joey winning at Ascot is always good on 750 Champion Yamaha width:778;;height:1024
  • Joey showing some throttle control on a slippery San Jose groove riding a 750 Champion Yamaha width:1024;;height:775
  • Joey on his way to victory in 1972 at the Houston TT Junior National riding a 1972 RT2 MX width:1024;;height:789
  • Joey 1966 going big over Ascot jump on CZ Twin pipe width:1024;;height:806
  • Joe C. and Gang width:1024;;height:659
  • Joey at Ascot half mile letting it hang out on 750 Champion Yamaha width:1024;;height:781
  • Joey 1972 Winner of Ascot Gold Cup on 750 Champion Yamaha width:1024;;height:778
  • Joey at Ascot TT on his Cherry BSA A-10 1970 width:1024;;height:796
  • Joe C. and Riders width:1024;;height:713
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